Monday, October 19, 2009

Recycled Flower Pin

Handmade Recycled Flower Pins! Find some cute sweaters you don't wear anymore and start cutting them up into squares to have on hand. For an up coming craft show, I wanted to create some cute winter pins. Here a simple way to create them in less than 30 minutes!

Pick color choices for your pins, I pick some great colors for winter that will look great on any jacket or top!

Cut circles is to several different sizes so they will layer on top of each other. I use only 3 or 4 depending on the fabric thickness, otherwise your flower will be really large and sticking out too much on your jacket.

Here is the flower layered on top of each other.

Next pick a cute button to hand sew on top of the flower and through all the layers which will hold your pin together.

Next you will need a piece of felt, your color choice, I picked green so it would look like a leaf from the back. You will need a pin also that you can find at most every craft store.

I cut my felt to a round shape or you can make a leaf shape. Next cut to little slits into the felt and feed your pin through it. Close the pin so you won't have to worry about it fall out before gluing it.

Everyone loves Tacky glue and you know it will hold about anything together. So Add the glue to the back part of the green felt and pin.

I lay my pin closer to the top of my flower so it won't fall forward when I wear it on my jacket. Let it dry over night so it will be completely dry to wear!

Pick your favorite flower pin to wear and you got a really cute new accessory that will add fun to any winter wear!


Disney said...

This is so cute!! I posted this on my sidebar today. I love your blog!! I'm going to be following it now, and I'll put it on my blog list, too!
Have a great day!!

Beckymae Designs said...

thanks Disney! I really have enjoyed your blog as well! Love your jewelry!
Many blessings! Beckymae