Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scrappy Wallet!

Scrappy Wallet! I have been making handbags from scarves for several years now, and have a huge collection of scarf scraps. I had a bag on hand that I made several months ago and needed a wallet to finish off the project. I gathered my scraps in the color scheme of the bag and began piecing my scraps together. Now, I have a cute new wallet. I made a place for all those important cards we carry, special spot for your photo id, and plenty of room for all the hard cash I carry around. J/K. I did not have a dollar on hand to place in my new wallet.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Time Poppy for MOMMY or Me!

Spring Time....Poppies for Mommy or Me!

Found a satin white pillowcase at the thrift store and a small woman's satin skirt in dark deep red....and my love for poppies I created a beautiful dress for a sweet little girl. After completing the dress...I feel in love with it. So I try it on and the way I made the arm holes and fit me too! So now you have a shirt for you or dress for her...all for the cost of......$3.24.

Shirt for Mommy! Details of the flowers!

Dress for Her!