Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby's love toys

I found a blog a couple of weeks ago showing you how to make cute tag toys for your baby... I gave it a try and was able to make three cute tag toys that make fun sounds for baby "e". Now if I can rememeber where I found it so others can make it too! Well I will come back and list it later...presenting tag square toy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Robot birthday Bash

To Celebrate my son's 4th birthday, We did it in Robot Style!
The food displayed with cute name tags.
I had a handpainted robot banner to take cute pictures.
( Later I plan on using each guest picture to make my thank you cards with plus I think mom/dads will like a new cute pic of there child)

I made this really cute banner of my son over the years to display across the counter so people to see how he has changed over the years!

Made recycled robots out of tin cans, painted bolts and nuts. Hot glues them together for a very cute silverware holder for the party!

Had a train come, my son loves trains and has had two Thomas the train parties, so it was a nice change to have a different theme, but just for his love we had a train as well. It was a big hit and all the kiddos got to ride atleast once around the yard before the conductor got over heated and had to go home!

Well my cake was really plain and not very creative, but I had over 50 people coming and who had time to bake that many cupcakes when you can get tranformer cupcakes from SAMs 30 of them for 13.00 bucks you can't beat that deal. Plus I wanted to spend more time coming up with cute crafty ideas than baking all day!
Well lets hope next year he changes the theme again, it was really fun searching for ideas for the party, there are so many people that are very creative and I loved search for new ideas as much as making them.
I say go cheap and have fun, no since spending a ton of money on one day when there are so many great inexpensive ideas out there waiting for you to use them in your next bash...
I will be updating on all the new things I have made lately for baby "e"...two hootie hiders one for winter and one for spring, cute cloth toys, burp clothes, changing pad cover, hot sling, baby holder and some great shots of the baby's room as decoration comes along...theme woodscape. color theme: tan, white, browns, and red
LoVe ya,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carseat Cover

I have been working really hard lately getting ready for baby #2 to come into this world, making burp clothes, a changing pad cover, diaper holder, hootie hider and much more... I really wanted a new carseat cover so I began to look around etsy and discovered they are very expensive. Why, its just a cover, so I decided to take up the challenge myself and make one for my sweet new boy. Poor Ethan he only started getting fun stuff about 9 months after he was born, for one I was not in the mood to create and for two I did not even own a sewing machine until he was that age, praise God for my wonderful mother-in-law.
Now back to the cover, I began to take apart the old cover to use for a pattern as well as the batting, it was a long night in front of the TV with my seam ripper and the cover. When that was all finished I then had to cut all the pieces and start putting it all back together, note to self always take a before picture so you know how thing work, I am a very visual person but with a pregancy brain, you tend to forget something. I did only have to redo one part but the rest was all done correctly....and now the finished project!