Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Carseat Cover

I have been working really hard lately getting ready for baby #2 to come into this world, making burp clothes, a changing pad cover, diaper holder, hootie hider and much more... I really wanted a new carseat cover so I began to look around etsy and discovered they are very expensive. Why, its just a cover, so I decided to take up the challenge myself and make one for my sweet new boy. Poor Ethan he only started getting fun stuff about 9 months after he was born, for one I was not in the mood to create and for two I did not even own a sewing machine until he was that age, praise God for my wonderful mother-in-law.
Now back to the cover, I began to take apart the old cover to use for a pattern as well as the batting, it was a long night in front of the TV with my seam ripper and the cover. When that was all finished I then had to cut all the pieces and start putting it all back together, note to self always take a before picture so you know how thing work, I am a very visual person but with a pregancy brain, you tend to forget something. I did only have to redo one part but the rest was all done correctly....and now the finished project!

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