Monday, August 4, 2008

The Garden Delights

Here are a few examples of the Garden Necklace choker. You can find them at Becky Mae Designs online to order one of your own Garden Delights!

Garden Delight

Here are the basic steps in creating an one of kind garden choker necklace. I always make sure I have a clean work space with all the supplies I need to make my jewelry so I can focus on creating not trying to find my tools.
supplies: 19 inch brass chain
brass circle 1/2 inch
jewelry tools, round nose pliers, flattening pliers, wire cutters
beads, floral pearls different shapes and colors
brass leaf charm
head pins
jump rings
clean work space

Step1: Layout your necklace so you can start planning your design. I like to have an idea of what I am going to create before I begin putting together my pieces.
Step2: Connect your circle and handmade flower to the chain of the necklace with a jump ring. Then at the other end of the chain you can add your charm leaf, I also add a pearl to my charm leaf. I also pulled my chain through the circle so I could see the start of my necklace.
Step3: I now begin to gather all my beads I want to add to my necklace. I begin by laying them out next to the chain, once I decide on the design I like, I begin to start making the necklace.
Step 4: Take your head pin place it through the bead, bend wire one direction, then take your round nose pliers and make a loop with the wire then cut off extra wire you don't need. Close the loop after you have add the bead to the chain.
Step5: Continue step 4 until you have added all the beads to complete your necklace garden.