Friday, February 29, 2008

New necklaces for my friend's wedding and some new purse pictures I took today

Look at these beautiful necklaces I have been creating for my friend's wedding. She wanted something different so I offered to make her some necklaces my style. I really think them. Especially the swallow bird. Perfect for a wedding.

Critique On ETSY today!

Well its been an exciting day in my world, I just got critique by ETSY lab ladies, it was soooo great to hear what I need to do to improve my shop to be a top seller. It also put me on the front page of the website, as well in the Storque, the online etsy magazine.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My new work space...

Well its been a long February, my dad came at the beginning of the month to convert our garage into my personal sweat shop. I finally no longer have to use the living room or kitchen to create my stuff, I will have a room of my own. I am so excited about the change. Today the carpet is being laid and the painting is done....Then will come my stuff. I never realized how much craft stuff I owned until I moved it into our storage area for a brief time. I hope to go through and get what I really need and can the rest to ebay or a thrift store. So if you need anything let me know, I just might have it and be willing to almost give it to you for free. I will be adding picture of my progress, so please stay in touch and see what a new craft room will look like in the making.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Under the Weather

Its been a rough week, my son was sick all last week and now I am under the weather and not able to make much of anything. I did do a local Sweetheart show on friday night, we saw about 30 come through the door and made about 100 bucks is 3 hours. I wonder really how sucessful a house show can be, but some money is better than no money. I sold mostly my cute retro summer dresses for little girls, I made a ton last season and plan on starting again soon. They are made from vintage pillowcases and cute new ribbon and come in all sizes. I sell them cheap, $7 a dress on my etsy shop Beckymae.
I think it's a great price for a play dress, I would hate to spend 20 bucks on something my child could ruin in an hour.
A random moment......Also the weather has been very warm for this time of year. I found this picture while looking for one of my summer dresses, I took it last year in May. I hope to have a ton of poppy flowers again this year.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gem Story from Juliettesjems

What a great story I learned about from other fellow etsy seller. Read all about it......

True story! I have spent my life in service to others. In 1981, as my 4 children were beginning to fly the nest I became a special needs, single foster mom. Thirteen years and 60 children later(1994), when I retired from foster care, I was age 50, had adopted nine children and was starting my third year of college. Whew! I graduated in 1996. (late bloomer) I sewed nearly every day of my life for 30+ years, but shortly after my 8 daughters all flew the nest there were no more prom or wedding gowns to make, and I found JEWELRY! It all started in a craft store when I followed a lady around the store trying to find out where she got her beautiful earrings - and she told me she made them. "Well, surely I can do that!"I practiced on friends and family for three years, and when I had so much jewelry it was obscene, I wasn't ready to stop creating. Then I found GEMSTONES and I was a goner. I have to work several more years because I haven't built up enough retirement to live much better than a bag lady, so I am the director of our local Boys & Girls Club (Hmmm, imagine that). I've been selling locally and by word of mouth for about three years now., and teaching classes for children at the Club, ages 9 to 13. They are amazing. I signed up on Etsy, but chickened out. Finally, in January I worked up my nerve and listed some items. Lots of lookers, no sales yet. I do get wonderful responses from people, which is very encouraging, so I study "promotion" and spend time in the forums. I'm learning a great deal from the generous souls on Etsy. My most amazing sale? I was in a craft store looking for a toggle clasp and a woman bought the gemstone necklace I was making - for $95. I went to your blog and I think it's great - quite lovely and original. So nice to meet you, Beckymae. One of my daughters is named Becky.Kindest regards, Juliette
Be sure to checkout her shop on etsy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Got some stories to share....

I am so excited to share other etsy sellers stories, I got several people who have responsed to my post on etsy this week. I am in the process of getting them together to share with everyone else.