Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being Inspired!

The great look of the fall is so much fun! My favorite things I now see on clothing as well as jewelry. It's the mix of a modern look with a vintage flare! Lots and lots of lace, pearls and mixing chains! I just saw today at Old Navy that they had tank tops with ruffled lace and ribbon down the front of the shirts which brings me back to my point, mixed fashion is great!
In other News......
I will be doing some show early November if you would like to see more of my new creations.
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Christmas Fest
November 7
from 3-8 pm
Totally free...I may even have some wine
Over 35 vendors!
Christmas Fest
First Baptist Church on HWY 29
November 12-14
from 9-4 pm
Over 65 vendors.....door prizes hourly and great big gift baskets that they are raffling to help raise money for my son's Mother's Day Out program.

So I saw on Anthropologie these great new necklaces that I was so inspired by that, that I decided to whip me up some for my shop to sell at my up coming shows. I tell you the price for a necklace on Anthropologie you can buy like 5 necklaces from my shop on etsy.
Plus mine are really handmade...I love how that's always added to the description, but yet there are probably thousands available.

Another Inspired creation..

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