Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Zoo

Well this past week we decided to take an adventure to the waco zoo. It was a blast, and Ethan had a super great time directing traffic and telling us which animal we will be seeing next. He is becoming such a great boy, and big too! I really enjoyed him saying "mommy, this way to the monkeys, or here comes the fish pond", thanks to the handy map the zoo supplied at the beginning of our tour! It was fun hanging with our buds for the day, I am really glad to have found them at such an awesome time in my life raising our little man!

We did not take a nap that day, which has been really sad for me lately, I loved when he use to take three hour naps so I could have some alone time, now alone time is only in the evenings which is great because I get to spend it with my husband too, but the long naps in the afternoon gave me so much time to work on my shop and stuff, I miss those days! Now its a new chapter and he will be in school soon enough and I will be asking for the days back when he was with me all day!

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