Friday, January 30, 2009

Working on some NEw StuFF

Well I have been slaving away for the last several days on some new creations, I have been revamping some old sweaters as well as creating some new jewelry, I have a pile of purses to be sewn, in which needs to be done like yesterday, if you have been to my etsy shop lately you will see that I have only 13 purses left. Spring is coming and everyone wants a new purse for the spring especially a Becky Mae. They are really light weight and make great accessories to any outfit in the spring or summer. So I am really trying to get my mind in sewing mode. I once sewed 20 purses in one day, 5 hours it took...but it was great having them done. Also I plan in being in the Red Poppy Fest here in Georgetown, TX. Last year I sold over a $1000 worth of stuff in one day, so the plan is to start getting ready for the big weekend in late April. Come to it if you are close by so you can see all my fun creations. Here's some new pics... enjoy!

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