Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can you believe this?

Well after getting the gallbladder removed on Dec 4, 5 days later and only 20% of people this happens too, I get a leak from my liver spiting bile into my stomach. Talk about pain above all pain, I was rushed to the ER and transferred to the hospital in Austin that I had the procedure done, Drs looked for the leak, then they decided to place a stent in the bile duct to keep this from happening again. Finally two days later home sweet home, well at least I thought so until I started having more sharp pains. Now back to the ER, this time we went to the hospital were I had the surgery so I would not have to take another ride. They discovered I had pancreatitis which happens in 5% of all people who have there gallbladders out! Should I really have had it removed, it seems that it would have been easier to be on a diet then go through the hell I have been in the last 7 days. Well I am finally home, and have had a few sales to ship out in my shop, but most of all I am glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. ( Hospital beds move all night to keep you from getting bed sores, and you can't really sleep well with movement all night.) Well I was hoping to have a busier Christmas season on ETSY, I have only done 10 sales for the month, very slow. I am hoping to make some new jewelry for the NEW YEAR holidays....we will have to see how I feel the next few days. I did list some new earrings before the gallbladder mess...so check them out..at my shop.

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