Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well its been a little while since I last wrote.... had a baby, struggling with no sleep, miss crafting everyday, wish it was more sunny so I can take pictures of my new products that I made before the baby was born, trying to figure out breastfeeding while my son is wearing these special shoes to correct his clubfoot that he was born with and finally trying to exercise after having a baby to get my old figure back. So I will try to make it a goal to start writing again about my creations!


Krissy said...

Hi I saw your entry at Ruffles and stuff and saw all your cute stuff! Just wanted to give you props :)

Jo said...

I feel ya... on the no sun. Man, Texas is suppose to be sunny, always!!! :) I dont live far from your town---- saw it on the right over there --->

COOL! :) good to find your blog through Ruffles and Stuff!!

the momma (aka Shannon) said...

hey becky! just checkin' out the competition from SYTYC :O) hehehe
anyway, saw your little guy has a clubfoot--so does my middle daughter. just curious what kind of special shoes he is wearing?