Monday, February 11, 2008

Under the Weather

Its been a rough week, my son was sick all last week and now I am under the weather and not able to make much of anything. I did do a local Sweetheart show on friday night, we saw about 30 come through the door and made about 100 bucks is 3 hours. I wonder really how sucessful a house show can be, but some money is better than no money. I sold mostly my cute retro summer dresses for little girls, I made a ton last season and plan on starting again soon. They are made from vintage pillowcases and cute new ribbon and come in all sizes. I sell them cheap, $7 a dress on my etsy shop Beckymae.
I think it's a great price for a play dress, I would hate to spend 20 bucks on something my child could ruin in an hour.
A random moment......Also the weather has been very warm for this time of year. I found this picture while looking for one of my summer dresses, I took it last year in May. I hope to have a ton of poppy flowers again this year.


Allison said...

Really cute display!

damselle said...

oh my gosh! Those dresses are so cute! I can't believe they are only 7 dollars! I'm going to have to try and think of some little girls I can buy for!

Felicia said...

What a cute little dress.

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Make some more adult dresses please! :)